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Notice pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 on the use of the data provided

The User acknowledges, pursuant to and in accordance with Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, that the personal data gathered in carrying out and/or as a result of this agreement may be processed by us, with or without the aid of electronic means, for purposes related to the performance of our business activities. Within these limits, the data may be communicated to third parties. The majority of the data processing listed above responds to contractual, accounting and fiscal obligations, and within such limits, the provision of said data is to be considered necessary. The User may exercise the rights granted by Article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, of which they hereby state to be fully aware. The Data Controller for the processing listed below is Flipper Srl.

Any request made by you for a licence to use a track belonging to our music catalogue implies acceptance of this privacy policy.
Flipper Srl is free to update this policy at any time. We will inform you of the update and change the date that appears at the head of the policy. If licences are issued to you after the publication of our policy update, this implies your acceptance of the modifications.

1) Use of your personally identifiable information.
Your email address and your personally identifiable information will be known to Flipper Srl only if you voluntarily provide them at At its discretion, Flipper Srl may use personal information to contact you and inform you of any substantial changes to our services or our licence issue conditions.

2) Sharing of your personally identifiable information.
Flipper Srl cannot supply your personally identifiable information without your consent. Flipper Srl can only divulge your personal data when we have cause to believe that it is necessary to reveal this information in order to take legal action against third parties that may be impinging on our rights, or to identify the subjects responsible in the event of legal obligations.
Flipper Srl can use your personally identifiable information for marketing and statistical purposes, but it may not be shared with third parties for these purposes.
Flipper Srl may transfer your personally identifiable information only if the company is subject to a sale, merger, or change of control.

3) Security of your personally identifiable information.
In order to best protect and secure your personally identifiable information, Flipper Srl uses all the standards provided by the latest technology. However, it is not possible to rule out access by unauthorised third parties.


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